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Terms, Conditions & Refunds

Our commitment to you at Red Rock Turf & Carts is to make sure that each piece of equipment is comprehensively evaluated. If there is some extra wear and tear or an issue with any piece of equipment we offer, we can and will disclose this information to you. Please remember, we are dealing with used equipment. All items will be sold “AS IS.” We ask for your trust regarding any issues that we are aware of will be disclosed to you in advance of any purchase.

Thank you for browsing our web site. If you have any questions, please feel free call or send us a quick email. We will do everything in our power to answer your questions and fulfill your turf equipment needs.

All Equipment is sold “AS IS, Where Is” condition with all faults. Seller makes no warranty that said property is fit for any particular purpose and that there are no representations or warranties, expressed, implied or statutory, that extend beyond the description of said property above set forth. We are in no way responsible for any damage that may occur during loading/trucking/unloading of said above units.