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Kohler Command Pro Engine 23 HP CH680 for Toro Rac-O-Vac

  • Kohler Command Pro Engine 23 HP CH680 for Toro Rac-O-Vac

Kohler Command Pro Engine 23 HP CH680 for Toro Rac-O-Vac

Product Code:J1940
  • $1,999.00

Kohler Command Engine, 23 HP, CH680, for the Toro Rack-O-Vac. This v-twin cylinder, air-cooled, horizontal-shaft engine is built to last. OHV, cast iron cylinder liners, and aluminum block construction make the 4-cycle, gasoline-powered Command PRO ready for the long haul. 

We have found the Toro Rack-O-Vacs that are parked all over, not working, and discovered that they are sitting because the engine or clutch has worn out. The Rack-O-Vac unit is in good shape, just the driving mechanisms need repair or replacing.  We have been either replacing engines, clutch assemblies, or both, and putting them back into service. We now offer the engine or clutch to get a Rac-O-Vac back into service. If time, a little repair, and not a lot of money (if you are looking at replacing the whole unit) can put a valuable piece of equipment back into service, it is well worth the expense.

The engine will also go hand in hand with the Toro Rack-O-Vac clutch assembly.  If your clutch is gone, please click link for further information.

Durable, Long Life Design.

  • Hydraulic valve lifters are oil pressurized, ensuring that push rods stay in constant contact with the rocker arms.  Requiring no adjustment, the valve train is virtually maintenance-free.  In addition, full-pressure lubrication delivers continuous lube to critical engine components, even at 25-degree angle of operation and optional oil cooler regulates the oil temperature extending oil-change intervals.  Large capacity, in-line fuel filter provides extra protection against dirt particles that can clog fuel lines.

High Power Performance.

  • Overhead valve technology provides greater volumetric efficiency and a higher compression ratio.  This produces more power, improved fuel economy and cooling and reduces oil consumption.  In addition, there is virtually no carbon buildup, reducing overall maintenance costs.  The variable speed, mechanical governor promises smooth performance, regardless of application or fluctuating demands for power.
Reliable Starting.

  • Kohler Command PRO® electronic ignition system generates a stronger spark at low cranking speed and Automatic Compression Release (ACR) allows compression to escape during cranking to reduce pull force.
J1940 Power hp 22.5
Displacement 41.1 cubic inches
Bore inches 3.2
Stroke 2.6 inches
Peak Torque lbs. 36.8 foot
Compression Ratio 8.5:1
Dry Weight 90 lbs.
Oil Capacity U.S. quarts 2
Lubrication Full pressure w/full-flow filter
Dimensions L x W x H in 14 x 17.7 x 19.0
Back-pressure Limit  50

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