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22x9.50-10 - Achieva Cayman All Trail Multi Purpose Tire

  • 22x9.50-10 - Achieva Cayman All Trail Multi Purpose Tire

22x9.50-10 - Achieva Cayman All Trail Multi Purpose Tire

Product Code:22x9.50-10 - Achieva Cayman All Trail Multi Purpose Tire
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Achieva Cayman All Trail Multi purpose Tire 22x9.50-10

Not every trail is going to be a flat surface – nor should they be. We want tough terrain that challenges both our gear and our wits. Unfortunately, though, we only have control of ourselves, and we need great products to depend on.

That’s why Achieva Cayman came out with the All Trail Multi Purpose Tire 22x11.00-10

With a wide footprint for handling and stability, this tire is built for real trail challenges. Smooth riding tread also provides traction on loose terrain, making this a dynamic tire built for several applications. At the same time, the non-directional nature of the tread makes it optimal for all hard surfaces – pavement, forest trails, and dirt roads.

Achieva Cayman: Built with Value in Mind  


SKU 2295108028-4
Weight 15.0000
Manufacturer Achieva
Size 22x9.50-10
Tire Height (Outside Diameter) 22
Tire Width 9.20
Wheel Diameter 10"
Tire or Assembly Tire Only
Tire Type Bias Tire
Tube Required No - Tubeless (TL)
DOT Approved No - NHS (Non-Highway Service only)
Ply Rating 4
Load Range B
Maximum Load 1475
Maximum Air Pressure 22
Tire Shoulder Type Round Shoulder
Tire Color Black
Tread Pattern Sawtooth
Suitable Terrain All Terrain, Dirt, Dirt Road, Dunes, Gravel, Mud, Rock, Sand, Snow, Swamp
Non-Marking Tire No - This tire may leave marks on hard surfaces
Tread Orientation Non-Directional
Vehicle Compatibility
Position on Vehicle Any

Innova brand of tires provides value. Not only are these tires built excellently, but the compounding of materials provides for resistance to punctures and long wear. Durability and strength are the name of the game!

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